Renette Bindemann

Founder, My Flourishing Family / Proud Mom of Four

Hello! I’m Renette, the heart behind My Flourishing Family. As a devoted mom of four amazing sons for the past 19 years, my life has been a beautiful blend of chaos and joy.

Guided by a degree in Business and Technology, I’ve immersed myself in the hands-on experience of home-schooling my sons, shaping their education around love, curiosity, and exploration. I have always been driven by a passion for holistic well-being so I founded My Flourishing Family to provide families with natural, holistic solutions for their and their families well-being. With a background in Somatology and entrepreneurship, I blend expertise with an entrepreneurial spirit to offer products that prioritize self-care and natural beauty.

From Healing Balms to Natural Mosquito Repellents, each product is crafted with love and care, inspired by my dedication to provide healthier options for families.

Outside of my entrepreneurial pursuits, I actively engage with the Pregnancy Help Network in South Africa, participating in counselling courses to support young parents. Community involvement is central to My Flourishing Family, reflecting our commitment to nurturing strong and healthy families beyond our own.

My journey as a mom and entrepreneur is guided by the belief that a healthy, happy mom is the cornerstone of a flourishing family!